Instagram Weekly, v. 21

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You can call me a hater, but I'm not a fan of this frozen yogurt bullshit. If I'm going to have ice cream, I want it to be REAL ice cream. Preferably a chocolate and vanilla twist with rainbow sprinkles. Same thing I have ordered since I was 5.

This beef jerky really is damn good - and not just because it's the name of the brand.

It makes my gums swell, but I still eat it. Is that weird? Yes. Yes, it is.

Friday night drinks. 

Enough said.

New duvet from Target. I'm so in love.

Now I just need to get night stands and some pictures for the walls and I will be all set.

I'll eventually take more pictures of the house...I know I keep saying that, but I will.

Maybe next year.

Also got a new coffee table (lots of new stuff this weekend) but it wasn't in the store, so we are picking it up tomorrow.

Just wanted to be clear that the red leather sofa in the background is NOT mine.

The nugget may or may not have an alcohol problem.

Michael's is getting ready for fall!

If you read this post, then you know how much I love everything about that season.

New stand and new picture for the bathroom.

Decided on a Vegas picture because I have been there, um...never.

One more of the nugget for the road.

Could he be any cuter?