This is a long one, but I'm venting...

Tuesday night, Sam and I decided to go out to dinner. We got there at 6pm.

We were seated on the outside patio right away and the waitress came over to take our drink order. We both ordered Shock Tops and she left. We knew what we wanted, so we closed our menus and waited.

And finally, our beer came. The waitress - hmm, let's call her Brandy - left again.
I have to make up her name because she never told us what it was.

We waited again. Over 10 minutes. Now, let me be clear - it was the quietest I have ever seen the restaurant, and there was more than one waitress working the patio.

Brandy came back over to take our order. I ordered a cup of soup and a wrap, 86 the tomatoes. Sam also ordered a cup of soup, and a chicken sandwich, 86 the tomatoes. The waitress did not write anything down - which is my #1 pet peeve when I go out to eat.

Brandy came back to our table 5 minutes later, to make sure she had Sam's order correct.
 She did not. Sam corrected her and she left. 

15 minutes later, our soup came.
30 minutes after that, our meals came. And they were both wrong.

Now listen, I'm not allergic to tomatoes; I just don't like them. If I order a sandwich that has slices of tomato on it, I usually just peel them off - no problem. But I ordered a wrap, meaning there were chopped tomatoes in it. No way, not happening. 

Sam had two things wrong with her meal: the wrong type of chicken, and there had clearly been a tomato on it, but Brandy must have noticed and peeled it off. Trust, tomato goo gets everywhere.

I called Brandy over and said, "I'm sorry, but there are tomatoes in here." I APOLOGIZED FOR HER MISTAKE. And then Sam told her she wanted crispy chicken, not grilled.

No apology. She immediately became annoyed, as if it was our bad. We waited another 10 minutes, and a different waitress came out with our food, and made up some long winded excuse. Let's be clear, the longer the excuse, the less likely it's true. Am I right?

The excuse: "She put it in wrong the first time, then put it in again correctly. She forgot to cancel the first order, so that's what went out to you."

Shhhuuut your trap, lady. She should have wrote it down.

Not to mention, while we were waiting for our correct meals to arrive, I heard Brandy say to another waitress, "Oh you need a blackened chicken wrap? There's one that just got sent back if you want to use that." WHAT? Is this normal? Do restaurants re-use food that has been sent back?
 I touched that wrap. That's fucking gross, if you ask me.

For the rest of our meal, it was the other waitress that took care of us. Then Brandy dropped off our bill; still no words from her. Not even, "Have a nice night."

Needless to say, we left a not so great tip, which is the complete opposite of what we normally do.

We left at 8:30. It took 2.5 hours for two people to have dinner on a fucking Tuesday night.
We will not be returning anytime soon, despite the fact that their French onion soup is amazeballs.

I will miss you. Shay won't.
 Tell me - what would you have done?