I owe you an explanation...

I'm sure you're confused as shit, right?

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who sent well wishes my way yesterday. I really appreciated it. Especially because I ended up spending the day with my nephew, and then eating an entire pack of Ice Breakers mints, and then taking a nap.

So, here's why I chose not to have the surgery on my eye.

1. Let's get physical.

Or not. Because I haven't had a physical in roughly 6 years. Apparently, I needed one prior to the surgery, but I did not realize this until I took the paperwork out on Wednesday night. I thought I had to fill out the paperwork, but it turns out my doctor had to. And it had to be faxed to the surgeon's office at least 3 days before my surgery. Um, oops. Clearly, I do not pay attention.

2. My insurance company is a dirty, lying whore.

I was told that my surgery would be covered by insurance. My mother, LinDUH, insisted I call to confirm this. Well, I waited until the night before to do that and I quickly found out that I would have to pay almost $1,000 before I reached my deductible. Once I reached it, the insurance would take over.

But most of all...

3. My beer gut tells me things aka intuition.

I'm sure you guys think I look like this:

But I don't. Although, I would totally look like that if it meant I could be Kristen Bell.

Here's a recent photo of me, sans sunglasses:

Let's all take a minute to be jealous of my shirt.
See, it's not really a lazy eye. It does effect my vision when I'm reading and watching TV. OBVIOUSLY I CANNOT HAVE MY VISION OBSTRUCTED WHILE I'M WATCHING BRAVO. However, fixing my eye would have only helped how I look, not how I feel. The truth this, I still have crazy amounts of sinus pressure behind my right eye, and on the right side of my nose. My right ear is always plugged and my right tonsil has been swollen for over 4 years. Oh, it's my right eyelid that's drooped. Coincidence?

When I went to an ENT last year, he passed me along because he honestly thought I had a tumor. He told me I would find answerer when I went to a neurologist and had an MRI done. Well, I didn't have a tumor, but I still have pressure every.single.day. So, I will be going to a different ENT and hopefully they can help.

If it turns out my only option will be to have the eye surgery, I'll do it. But I had an uneasy feeling about the whole thing, and when I found out that my insurance wasn't going to completely cover it, I knew that was a sign I shouldn't get it done.

Make sense?

I really, really, really do appreciate everyone who kept me in their thoughts yesterday. You blog friends have turned out to be amazing and I love every single one of you for it. My guest posts will continue until next Wednesday, and then I'll be back again. I promise.

In the meantime, I totally have a picture of my swollen tonsil if anyone wants me to email it to them.