I'm a quoter...I quote people.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I spent countless hours in high school trolling the interwebs, trying to find the best lyrics for my AIM profile. Oh, and when I got into a fight with my boyfriend? You best believe I had the meanest lyrics I could find for my away message; always formatted to perfection.

So when Shay quoted Grey's Anatomy the other day, I went all batshit crazy on her and said I had a draft FULL of Grey's quotes. She asked me to send them to her. She hasn't responded, so I'm assuming she's still reading them. There's a lot. And they're long.

In Charlotte, I stumbled across some pretty fantastic quotes...

I guess...I mean...yes, this is true. This is so true. I wish it wasn't. no i don't. But it is. Have I had fun when I wasn't drunk? Yes. How old was I? Probably 10, so drinking was frowned upon. 

There are two types of people I don't trust: those who don't drink, and those who don't watch TV.

What da fuck do you do with your time?

You guys, this is prime AIM profile material. This is where it's at. I'm actually considering firing up AIM and making this my profile. Find me on there - silvermisery182. Let's chat.

Yesterday morning I woke up to one of my cats pooping in my bedroom. How he was managing to poop on my floor, while wearing a diaper, is beyond me. Don't believe he's in a diaper? Here's proof:

Cats are evil. I get death stares all the time, and my feet are always attacked in the middle of the night.


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