It's not goodbye, it's see you later...

Unless my plane crashes and burns. Then it's see ya never.

North Carolina - 2008. I'm going back kids, I'm going back!

Tomorrow officially marks my departure from Blogland. While I'll still be in NY until Friday, I will be drinking getting ready for the next couple of days, so I have some amazing ladies that will be helping me out while I'm gone.

I'm stealing this idea from Jes. Basically, it's a run down of who will be guest posting on what day. 
AKA  how I'm letting everyone know when their post will be "live" without having to email each of them.

AKA laziness at its finest.

Wednesday, July 4th - Nikki from My Life My Way
Thursday, July 5th - Shay Bieber from Red Lipstick & Melodies
Friday, July 6th - Jes from twosmuppies aka the girl that ditched me for 3 weeks

Monday, July 9th - Katy from All It Takes is Faith & Trust
Tuesday, July 10th - Michelle from Shell Bell
Wednesday, July 11th - Britta from the boots parade
Thursday, July 12th - Tennille from
Friday, July 13th - Mallory from Pink Kisses & Wishes

And then I back for a little while. Let's have a party. 

Until my surgery. 
Then it's:

Thursday, July 26th - Erin from Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink
Friday, July 27th - Sami from Sami's Shenanigans
Monday, July 30th - Whitney from As Luck Would Have It
Tuesday, July 31st - Val from Summer and Wine

Then it's August, and I'm BACK mother fuggers. I'm back.
Hopefully, sans lazy eye - we shall see! Or not see. That's worse than crashing and burning.

I will miss ALL.OF.YOU! Will you miss me?