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Mallory is a blogger that I bonded with instantly. It makes me sad that she doesn't live closer so we could go out and get drinks on a daily weekly basis. As most of you chumps know, I'm currently away on vacation. Below, Mallory discusses her tips for packing. I'm extremely grateful for this post because I would have never thought to check the weather in NC before I packed.

Really, I had a feeling it was going to be warm, and I knew that meant I needed to shave my legs. So, I guess I was subconsciously avoiding checking the weather. I hate shaving my legs. Hate it.

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What's up, Buttercups?:)

My name is Mallory,

(That's me on the left) And that's my bestie, Jen. 

Quick Side Note*: Have any of you ever noticed how awkward it is to take pictures by yourself? I had a terrible time finding a picture for y'all!

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Anywho, while I'm here I wanted to give you guys the low down on packing for vacations.
I know, you're probably thinking "Are you serious? I already know how to pack, this isn't 3rd grade!" but bare with me.

I am the queen of overpacking (I'd be happy to hand over that title for princess of overpacking, though, should any of you object!). Even if it's for one night or 15. 

I bring way. too. many. clothes!

But in the past few years I have really honed my packing exceptional (if I do say so myself. And I do;)) So let me hit you with  a few packing tips from Packing 101 and you can be just as exceptional as I :)

1.Dresses are your best friend.

You can dress them up or use them as swimsuit cover-ups. Double duty ='s fabulous.  And, hello, an all-in-one outfit means they're perfect for traveling. You're less likely to forgot a piece of the "outfit" and it takes up less room!

2. Pack using (generally) the same color palette.
If you don't love dresses, following this tip means almost everything goes with each other.  That leaves you with more outfit options, a definite win in Packing 101!

3. Jewelry can make an outfit look like a totally different one.

Jewelry takes up less precious cargo space which gives you more options:)

& 4. Always check the weather.
Yeah, that super cute white sundress? Not going to be cute in the torrential downpour that awaits you. Same goes for your cute capris in the 110 degree sun. Hot hot hot! Don't make this rookie mistake and get caught unprepared.

So that's it. These 4 keys to packing should leave you looking chic and fabulous on your break from reality! Happy vacationing, ladies!

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Thanks for reading!