My favorite day in Charlotte

Monday morning we woke up and it was already 88 degrees outside. Fuggin insane, if you ask me. Lucky for us, the hotel we were staying at had a rooftop pool, so we checked it out.

I was tweeting pool side, suckers.

We lasted about an hour. It was hot, okay? Also, kids showed up. Ew.

After showering and getting ready, we walked a couple blocks to the EpiCentre. A friend of mine used to live in Charlotte, and told me it was the one place we had to go. Has anyone ever been there? So many shops, and restaurants, and a movie theater that serves alcohol. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

It was time for lunch so we walked around, looking for a place to eat. All of a sudden, we heard it. Mumford and Sons "Little Lion Man" was playing outside of a restaurant, and we knew, WE KNEW, that's where we had to go.

SN: Slam and I love Mumford. It's a sick obsession. Sick. And they just announced that their second album is coming out on September 25th, which just happens to be THE DAY before my birthday. So, I wouldn't hate an iTunes gift card. PLEASE AND YOU'RE WELCOME THANK YOU.

We started off slow. Ordered a soda, and our food. We were surrounded by business men, all drinking on their lunch break. Again, how amazing. Except they looked like complete douchebags.

Chicken Caesar wrap. Shay - be happy I didn't get French onion soup.

While we were eating, Slam received news that she had been accepted into the grad school program she applied for. We obviously needed to celebrate, so we asked for a drink menu. 

And proceeded to order almost every fancy drink they had.

A couple of our drinks, and the cool ceiling/light.

By 3pm, we had a pretty good buzz going. We did a little shopping, and Slam scored a pair of hooker heels for $35 (originally $135) and we headed back to the hotel for an afternoon siesta.

We woke up, changed, and headed for more drinks and dinner. Where I ate this...

...and didn't puke. High five!

Earlier in the day, our waitress (Brittastic - not kidding) told us to come back to Mortimer's and Slam could get a free birthday shot. Hmm, turns out it was more like a birthday drink...

Her brother picked it out. It was also his birthday.

This is what we looked liked before bed:

I totally have a polka-dotted Walmart blanket wrapped around me.


So, who thinks they could keep up with us? Let's hang out.