Rat Fuck!

Check out the vintage CL Smooths circa 2010.
This game is most commonly called Egyptian Rat Screw. The rules for it vary, but I keep it as simple as possible.You don't have to drink while playing, but as always, I encourage you to drink.

It's like war, where the cards are shuffled, split evenly amongst however many players there are, and then flipped into a pile, quickly. The object of the game is to end up with all of the cards.

The only cards that really matter are face cards. Here's why:

If the person  going before you flips a Jack, you have ONE chance to get a face card.
If they flip a Queen, you have TWO chances.
A King? Three chances.
Ace. Four Chances.

If you do not flip a face card within the appropriate amount of cards, the other person gets the pile of cards. If you DO flip a face card, the game continues.

Extra rules:

Black 10s mean social. Which means DRINK. Duh.

Slap on doubles. Whoever gets to the pile first when doubles are thrown, gets the pile.  Also, anyone who is out of cards, can slap back in by being first to get the pile. 

And that brings me to the most important rule there is....

NO RINGS. I've been slapped one too many times by someone's rings, and left the table with a swollen hand. I've also asked a guy to remove any rings he might be wearing, which prompted him to remove his wedding ring. I had just met the guy, and did not know his wife. Oops.

This is supposed to be played quickly, and the cards should be flipped away from you, so you can't see them as they are coming out of your hand (cheater!).

Watch this video. He explains it almost exactly how I play it, except I don't slap on ''sandwiched" cards, because that gets confusing when you've been drinking. Feel free to do that...sober.

What are some of your favorite card games?