RHONJ Recap: Episode 10

I will be completely honest: I almost fell asleep during last night's episode.

And that's really saying something because I took a nap yesterday afternoon.

I can't even begin to explain how much I love Milania Giudice. The fact that she gets minimal air time, while Lauren and her attempt at a diet are taking over significant portions of episodes, is so sad. I love when she threatens to throw things at Gia; who, #lesbehonest, is a huge Debbie Downer.

Fact: I cannot, for the life of me, find a picture of all of the girls dressed in their overalls, stuccoing the in-law suite garage. However, I do remember this scene from episode 5:

I wouldn't not fuck with Milania.
So either Bravo did a terrible job editing, or the Giudice girls are running around in matching overalls/pink shirts/Army bandanas on the reg. I'm not sure which scenario is worse.

Why Rosie felt the need to go over to Teresa's house to talk about the bullshit that seems to be in the tabloids each week? At this point it's clear that Teresa is just going to deny talking to the press. I think the only thing that conversation did was once again prove that Teresa is an effing shit starter. When she said in her interview that Kathy always hated the fact that Rosie is gay, I wanted to scream.

Well, Teresa, I have always hated your wardrobe. Now I said it.
 Maybe I hated this episode so much because there wasn't enough Chris Laurita in it. That could really be the case. So, let's all take a look at this picture that I found on Chris Manzo's Twitter page:

All the way on the right...let's make out.

I will be serious for one second and say that the dinner conversation between Rosie, Kathy, and their mother was devastating. Can you even imagine?

I want to put her in my pocket and keep her forever.

Alright, therapy time.

Whenever Bethenny Frankel goes to therapy on her show, I fast forward through it. Basically because I think her therapist looks like a creep. Well, this guy takes the creeper cake:

Would you really want to tell this guy all of your problems?
 GROSS. I mean. AHHHHHH. I can't even look at him. 

Okay, maybe Joe Gorga should get the creeper award since he told Teresa she looked nice, and then followed it up with some comment about red being a sexy color. Let's not forget they totes (sorry Michelle!) pecked during the episode last week. Hmm, maybe all of their anger is due to sexual tension?

If red is a sexy color, what does that make pink?
I'm kidding, obviously. Or, in this case, I hope I'm wrong.

The therapy session clearly did not do any good. Creep #1 up there suggested that Teresa and Joe do NOT share an RV when they go to Napa, but they decided not to listen to his advice. So why, exactly, did they go to therapy to begin with?

Probably so they could scream at each other in the waiting room.

Milania officially needs to take over the show so there is some entertainment. She tweeted the following picture after last night's episode. All I can say it this: Teresa gives a new meaning to bat shit crazy:

Where does one even buy an outfit like that? Is she trying out to be a flying monkey in the Wizard of Oz?