Sami from Sami's Shenanigans

I love Sami. Yup, I said it.  She's ballsy, and I like ballsy.

She'll legit call you out on your comments. I love nothing more than to receive a comment from her that says, "Oh, that bitch up there? She just left the same comment on my blog!" It makes my fuggin day.

So, if you don't stalk her, then start. Immediately.

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It's only natural to start this guest post off by saying that Alissa sucks.
I mean she's leaving the blogosphere for like 2 weeks. 
Who does that?
She is usually my daily entertainment so I'm basically dying over here.
Okay maybe I'm a little dramatic but if you know me you know that's the norm.

I'm Sami and I blog at Sami's Shenanigans!

I'm a 20-something, single, self deprecating lady living in Denver, CO.
Just kidding about that self deprecating part, I'm awesome! 

Anyways, I love blogging but there are some things I could live without.
So, today I am going to share..

"Blogging Things that Piss Me Off"

Funny story, I had to write 3 guest blogs for this week, and this was the one I was most excited about.
I knew Alissa would love this and I couldn't wait to share!

1. Girl fights on Twitter
I love the Twit. I'm on it all day, erryday.
I mean I don't even have a Facebook.
What I can't stand is when people air dirty laundry on Twitter. 
If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all..
or just say it to your closest friends ;)
Don't put it on the internet!
What's even worse is the passive agressive ones.
Grow up ladies!

2. Not Following Link-up Rules
Let's just say there is a Weekend Update link.
Hypothetically of course.
Grab the button, write about your weekend, and link-up!
What you should definitely not do is link-up your random post about your newest Pinterest project.
I can assure you that somewhere out there is a link-up to fit your post..
but it's not the one about weekend updates.

3. Button Swap Strangers
I love button swaps.
I think they are great for exposure and showing love for your favorite bloggers.
What I don't love is when a random blogger contacts me.
If you don't follow, let alone comment on my blog, and I've never seen you before in my life why would I want your button up on my sidebar?
Doesn't make any sense. 
Oh and if you ask for a button swap, put the button on your sidebar.
It's simply poor taste not to. 

4. Leaving the same comment everywhere
This kills me. 
Blogger finds a link-up.
Blogger proceeds to leave the generic, exact same comment on every blog on the link-up.
Here's a hint Blogger.. I'm on to you!
See, I read a lot of blogs and I'm bound to see you're generic comment somewhere else.
Then I'll get annoyed and not like you.

5. Comment Verification aka Captcha
For the love of all that is good.. please read this post and get rid of it.
Nothing annoys me more than writing a nice comment 
and then having to enter those god awful, hard to read, verifications.
I'm pretty sure the robots aren't going to hack your blog anytime soon.
Just saying..

You might be thinking that I sounds like a total See. You. Next. Tuesday.,
but I can assure you that if you avoid doing any of these things..
we will get along great!

I'm a really nice person, just ask Alissa.
One time I even told her she was prettier than I was expecting.
I'm a great compliment giver as you can tell!

So, if we can agree that you won't do any of these things..
feel free to stop by my blog.
It's lot of fun.
You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram: @SamiShenanigans