Shannon from Bungalow960

 Oh snap, I'm gone again. Actually, I'm right here. I haven't gone anywhere - yet. I'm headed out tonight to the World Series of Bocce - yes, that's a real thing. So, while I'm busy counting down the minutes to my first BUD LIGHT LIME DRAFT (fingers crossed they have it again this year) I'm going to let Shannon tell you about her 21st birthday.

Shannon and I share stories via email on the reg. They usually involve our cats, but they always, always involve drinking. Guess what? She doesn't throw up when she's drunk/hungover. Let's give her dirty looks.

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Stolen from her blog.

Alissa and I decided one day to share hilarious drinking stories. And now I have decided to share mine with you.

My 21st birthday was a disaster. A DISASTER I TELL YOU. I didn't really want to go out. 21st birthdays are a lot of pressure. Around 10:00 two of my "friends" (a couple, we'll call them Harry and Sally) came to pick me up to take me out. I drug my feet a little, but decided to go. My boyfriend at the time was underage, so he couldn't go to keep an eye on me, so he made them promise to watch me.

We got to the bar and I was greeted with a giant long island iced tea and a row of shots. I got after them. After about the 2nd long island and 6th shot... things began to get blurry. At no point did I black out, but events from that night are not the clearest of my memories. Then the first of the bad chain of events happened.

I sang karaoke.

Harry and I sang What I Got by Sublime. There was a video of it, but in my embarrassment days later I deleted it. I am so sad I did that. Then I'm pretty sure I took a lot more shots. Then some more fuzzy brain events, and next thing I remember was being in the Taco Bell drive thru and paying for $20 worth of food. That's a lot of Taco Bell. At this point, I was aware of some whispering from the front seat. Angry whispering. I was off in my own world so I didn't really care what Harry and Sally were talking about.

We got to my apartment parking lot, and the whispering had turned into yelling. Apparently, Sally thought Harry had been flirtatious with me all night and was not okay with that. I felt awkward so I got out of the car and attempted to get myself to my apartment by myself. I had a giant Juicy Couture purse full of like 20 pounds of stuff, plus a Taco Bell bag. I kept dropping my purse because it was so heavy. I dropped it like 5 times, and on the final time I went to pick it back up, and fell right on my face. Didn't even try to catch myself. 

Stupid dumbass then boyfriend decided to call my mom because he didn't want to take care of me while I spent 3 hours in the bathroom revisiting my drink choices from earlier in the evening. My mom got to my apartment, and by then I was on my second wind. I wanted her to stay over so we could have a sleepover! I had leftover mac and cheese in the fridge that we could eat! Let's play with the cats! When she told me to go to bed, I yelled at her for using the wrong makeup remover on my eyes. Then I passed out.

I woke to road rash on the right side of my face that I was going to have some serious explaining to do at work. I'm pretty sure I was drunk until 5 pm the next day.

And the lesson here is kids, binge drinking is BAD.

Now you have to share your drinking stories with me!