Shay from Red Lipstick & Melodies

I'm not even sure how to explain the friendship I have with Shay. Sometimes, I write her letters, and other times I create buttons that show just how much she hates loves Justin Bieber.

Sometimes she leaves me 3 comments on every post, and other times she sends me mean texts about how much she hates my cats. But always, ALWAYS, she calls me her Mudblood. And I'm okay with that.

// // // // //

Hey, that is me up there.  All attitude-ish.
Call me Shaylynn because it's my name.

So, this girl Alissa well she knows me.
We met in this place for bloggers.
And for that reason alone, I love blogging.
We've since bonded, through excessive amounts of sarcasm... Justin Bieber hating.. my disliking of cats.. on and on and on it goes.
I could go on for 46 minutes, at least, but then I would definitely lose all of you  except the lady without grace...

Know this.
One day I'll meet her, in Harry Potter Land.. and I'll call her Mudblood... still.
She knows I love her and I will not hug her. (per her request)

Yah dah yah dah.

I'm here to guest post.

I told Mudblood I was going to just see how many times I could use the f word, just to keep it classy.  She told me I could, so.. basically I decided not to.

I attempted a post on all the things I hate about blogging, but it put me in a very bad mood and I almost deleted my blog, so that probably wasn't a good idea.  And PMS might be playing with my emotions as I type this here post..

Maybe that's what I will blog about.
Knowing the signs.
If you're me the signs go as follows.

1. I eat the fridge and my uncles fridge while I'm at it.
2. I cry over something so absurd that a infant might judge me.
3. I sleep for an entire day and chalk it up to normal.
4. Everyone and everything annoys the crap out of me.
5. I question my life.. like all day long.
6. I convince myself that my friends must really hate me.
7. I can't remember ever laughing a day in my life.
8. I usually lose my will to live.

And all that tends to happen the day before shit hits the fan.
And yet, I swear my period catches me off guard.. like I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. - every. single. time.  But anyone who knows me saw it coming from a million miles away.. 

So basically this is my post I've decided, I'm revealing that I am a lunatic, a straight up lunatic before I start my period.

Wanna follow my blog?
Clearly, I'm a salesman here, clearly.