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There are no words to describe how jealous I am of Val's life. Seriously, wait until you read this. There are also no words to describe how impressed I am that she knows I'm running around, drinking cheap beer. Finally, I can't decide if she's wearing shorts or boxers in the picture below. Val? Can you tell me?

Anyway, if you watch RHONJ, be prepared to be EXTREMELY jealous. That is all.

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Hi lovelies! It’s me,Val, from Wine & Summer, taking over today for Miss Alissa while she is off at the World Series of Bocce Balling or Pogo Sticking, or whatever it is. Translation: she’s drinking lots of cheap beer and I am sober(ish) and stuck at work.

That's me drinking cheap beer so you can have a visual
One of the many things Alissa and I have in common is our love for the crazies ladies of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. I never miss an episode, or Alissa's episode recap.

Here's my confession of the day: I grew up in the town next to them. Don't judge me. I am perfectly normal and have never once flipped a table over during dinner. Living so close to them, I have had a run in or two with the housewives. I have been to a few events at the Brownstone, (before the show though, so I couldn't even tell you if I saw Caroline or my love Albie) and was behind Theresa in the Starbucks drive-through, but the best ever happened to my mom. 

Let me set the scene. 

This is my beautiful mom: 
 Who wouldn't want a piece of this?
We all remember this classy lady:

and her sexy man friend Danny:

Now that we all have our visuals, let's get started. I was at school one day and my phone rang and it was my Momma Bear laughing so hard she couldn't breathe. When she finally calmed down, she told me that she was at the car wash, waiting for her car to be cleaned and noticed a guy standing next to her that looked familiar. So they started talking and she asked him if he was from our home town, (he wasn't) if he worked at a Dr.'s office she may have called on (she's a pharmaceutical sales rep-and he didn't). Finally, she just straight up asked "Well how to do I know you?"

His response: "Do you watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey?"

Yes ladies and gents, it was Danny. THE Danny of RHONJ. My mom's first question, naturally, was "Is Danielle as crazy as she seems?" And let me tell you, straight from the source, she is!

But the best part of the whole run in: Danny then proceeded to ask my mom out on a date. Momma Bear was quick to say "No thanks, I'm married," but let's all imagine for a second if Danny ended up being my step daddy-O. This would be our Christmas Card and you would all know a Z list celebrity.

Those my friends, are Photoshop skills! Not to mention sexy jorts!

Just in case my mom sees this, here is a normal picture of her and I so I can try to redeem myself.

Stop by Wine & Summer sometime and say hi! I'd love to have you!

Keep Smiling!

Wine and Summer 

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