Falling off the wagon...

I really planned on staying sober for 30 days. I wanted to clear my head, and the message history on my phone. But you know what happened? Quite possibly the most devastating thing ever.

My friend ...this one... well, she's moving. Only three hours away, but still. And she totally went to college five hours away, but still. I only went to see her one time in the four years she was away at school. Clearly, I'm a terrible visitor. Kind of like my period.

So, you see, there is no way I can spend the last few weeks with her sober. I cannot. I will not. I obviously have to plan the most ridiculous going away party for her.

The only good thing is that she's moving to Syracuse - where my cousin goes to law school. I can visit and it can kind of be like a two-for-one. My favorite.

Speaking of twofers, Happy Thirsty Thursday! Now, someone, anyone...beer me.