Hey, how are ya?

Quite possibly the most amazing jacket ever. You'll see.

 I'm back for good, okay? Try to calm the fug down. I know you are all beside yourselves with excitement.

I thought it would be hard to come back, but it isn't. I guess that's because I didn't have my surgery after all. Or maybe it's because as soon as something happens, I think, "That's a blog post. I need to turn that into a blog post."

Like the other night when someone found my Hanson journal from middle school and proceeded to read it out loud. You guys, I had to stand with my legs crossed as tight as freakin possible, and I still think I peed my pants a little bit. That's a blog post.

Or the fact that my nephew is growing up so quickly, and I can't stand it. He needs to stop looking like a little boy, and continue to look like a wee little babe. He's going to be 10 months old and I'm going to need your help with something soon. That's another blog post.

Or that this wee little blog is going to be 1 next week (I finally checked). I'm proud of myself for actually doing something I said I was going to do. Although, if you read my first post, I planned on this being a blog started in January of 2011, not August (oops). I also said I was going to talk about my house renovations, which I haven't (double oops).  I'll do a blog series about the house, maybe?

Speaking of a blog series, I have an idea for a link up, but I can't figure out what day I should have it on. Help!

But finally, I need to write a blog post about not drinking, with the disclaimer: No, I'm not pregnant. Yes, I'll pee on a stick to prove it. Tomorrow, okay?

So, tell me, how have you been?