I want to fight you.

I really want to talk about AOL Instant Messenger.  Let's totally kick it old school. Or middle school...and high school. Because that's when I spent most of my time on it.

My family had AOL for a hot minute. One (or both) of my brothers got us kicked off it because of crude comments in a chatroom. Why do I feel like they were about Tom Cruise? I don't even know. Either way, a hot minute...and then we got the boot.

We were one of the first households to get Road Runner. This was DE-VAST-ATING to me. You know what that meant? I couldn't see anyone's AOL profiles. So when my middle school boyfriend dumped me, and started dating a snotty red head (I still hate that bitch), I didn't know she took over his profile and wrote shit in it to piss me off. I guess the joke was on her, because I couldn't even see it. Luckily, I had friends who filled me in. We got back together and dated for another year. (Kelsey - I'm talking about your cousin)

Anyway, that was a rant.

What I really want to talk about are the fights I used to get in over AIM. 

My favorite fights were always with my high school boyfriend. We NEVER got along. Ever. He was a grade below me, and after I graduated I found out he was talking to this other girl. So, for an entire YEAR, I plotted. He would say mean things about his new squeeze, about how he didn't really like her, and he was still in love with me...and I saved every.single.conversation. I still have them saved on my old, old computer.

One day I met the girl for lunch, along with a mutual friend, and I showed her the conversations. I thought FOR SURE I finally got revenge on the asshole who cheated on me more times than I'll ever know. The 3 of us drove to his house to confront him. He was such a puss about it. He got in his car and left.

And they stayed together.

So for another year (I wasted a lot of time on this idiot) I weaved in and out of his life, and every time we chatted online, he always seemed to say the same shit over and over again. About missing me, and hating her. I struck again. As an away message I put up a conversation between the 2 of us. It went like this:

Him: I just want to be with you.
Me: When?
Him: All the time.

And I left my house. For like a good two hours. This was before smartphones, so there wasn't any checking of the messages on the run, ya know? I got back and he was pissed, but then he was laughing about it.

I'm the only one who is laughing now - they are still on again, off again every other day, 6 years later.

Moral of the story? There really isn't one.

I guess I just miss fighting on AIM. Today there's Facebook and Twitter, but nothing compares to being in the heat of an argument with someone, and then putting up an angsty away message; the virtual equivalent of the middle finger. Don't get me wrong, I'll throw down in a good text message war now and again, but it's just not the same. So, meet me on AIM and let's battle: silvermisery182.