In all fairness...

...I told you I wasn't going to have an exciting weekend. So, there's really no amazing pictures to post with amazing, funny stories. That's just not happening today. Sorry to disappoint. I can't even sum my weekend in 3 pictures, because I don't think I took that many. Or, I did...and they are all on Instagram (@alissaerin).

I do need your help, though. Here's why:

1. I'm pretty much TV-show-less, if that were a real thing. I can't even stay awake for RHONJ anymore, although I did record it last night, so expect a recap. Other than that, I have Snooki & Jwoww and Awkward on Thursdays, and that's it. I'm in a rut, and need your help. What are you watching?

2. I finished Twilight (again), and I have zero desire to read the rest of the series. I considered re-reading Harry Potter, but I want to wait until it's fall. That's my favorite time to watch the movies and read the books. I really have no interest in chick lit, but I'm open to other suggestions. What are you reading?

3. I love to meal plan, but need new ideas. Nothing organic, or vegan, or anything like that. I have to feed a Gorilla Juicehead, and they don't eat shit like that. Neither do I. Anything on the grill or that can cook all day in the crock pot is a plus. Tell me what you're making!

I do have one picture for you. It's of my favorite little man in the whole wide world. He kept giving me this look last night because I haven't seen him in almost 3 weeks! But he was blowing kisses by the time I left, so we're back to being best friends.