Instagram Weekly, v. 23

Friday night started off with one nightstand. Not A one nightstand. Just...literally...a nightstand.

I've said before that the nightstands that go with my bedroom set are $300 a piece. See ya never. 

This one matches and was on sale at Target for $70.

The Juice Head did good. He did good.

These two...these two heads of hair.

Jes and I had a serious convo around 2am my time, 11pm her time one night. We talked about these two hotties.

And Bane. And his muzzle. And his jacket.

I decided Leo is mad that Joseph's hair looks sexy pushed back.

Late dinner at Red Robin. This may or may not be the biggest wrap I have ever seen.

I ate a part of it, and had the rest boxed up to take home.

Then I forgot it on the table.

I cried a little.

Had a cannoli for breakfast on Saturday. Whatever.

I was headed to a bocce tournament (of fucking course) so that's my excuse.

So good. So good.

This is the Queen of Hearts drawing, or some shit like that. The bocce club we were at has a drawing every Saturday, and you have the chance to win a lot of money.

I was blind-sided and asked to pick the winning ticket. 

Remember when I don't like attention?

And then I had 15 guys staring at me while I picked it. I obviously put my sunglasses on. Obviously.

Popped this kid's bocce cherry!

And then we got some road sodas and had a little Madonna sing-a-long on the ride home.

No, we were not driving. Calm down.

Just a little recap...

I had one hell of a headache Sunday morning, but that was cured with a margarita and a few Twisted Teas.

Hey, whatever works.

Finished the weekend off with some pizzas from the grill.

This is a great idea, if you've never tried it before. Definitely the best way to have homemade pizza during summer.

What did you do this weekend? And don't forget to link up!