Meteors, Child Birth, and Dexter - Oh My!

Last Saturday night, I really wanted to see the meteor shower. I always hear about them, but they happen at like 3am, which is not going to work for me. I haven't seen 3am since I was about 20. But this one, this one was supposed to happen between 10-11pm, and then again at 4am. 10-11pm on a Saturday is doable.

So, Chris and I got in the car and drove even further into the country. Granted, there is a farm across the street from our house, but I don't consider where we live to be legit country. We drove and drove, and drove some more, but saw nothing. Not even stars.

Normally, I would have been depressed, but Shay was keeping me company via text. Now, she thinks she can deny what she said that night, but someone forgot I have an iPhone and have no problems taking screen shots of conversations. Plus, I think there needs to be evidence, or else no one would believe the convo.

Disclaimer: It's normal for us to have 2 or 3 conversations going at the same time. Sorry for any confusion. Oh wait, no. No, I'm not sorry.

Ridiculous. What's more ridiculous is the glove we mentioned. Here's the picture Shay sent me last week:

If you didn't poop your pants out of fear, I don't know you. I believe the only response I could muster up was, "Dexter." Does she or does she not look like a serial killer? And here I am, pretending she's in my back seat. I assume that would look something like this:

Right? Am I right?  Listen, the moral of the story is: I love Shay, but I'm scared she might kill me.