Monday, Monday

These weekend update posts are kind of a drag. Actually, I'm just in a really bad mood since it's Monday and my period showed up. I also got to work and had a nasty email from someone from a different company. I'm trying not to drive over to her office and rip her face off.

So I'm going to break this weekend down in 3 pictures. Here we go.

Had a beirut tournament at my house last Friday. Yup, Google it kids. Or read this article. Or watch Beerfest. I love that the article says East coasters call it beirut because it sounds classier. That's exactly it, especially in New York. We also walk around with our Regents Diplomas shoved up our asses.

Saturday started and ended on my couch. I pretty much did nothing, besides catch up on about 8 weeks worth of US Weeklys. Anyone see the pictures of Kirsten Stewart? How the hell can any man find her remotely attractive. I mean, as anyone seen her ears? Either way, I decided to re-read Twilight for the 3rd or 4th time.  I'm so happy my copy of the book doesn't have her ugly face on it.

Yesterday I went to Lake George and played a little of this. If you don't know what this is, I hate you.

I fell asleep watching RHONJ last night, so I'll have to recap it for you tomorrow. I did stay awake long enough to see Chris Laurita in a wet suit. That was nice.

How was your weekend? Here's to hoping this week gets better!