[My half-assed attempt at] Friday's Letters

Dear Thirsty Thursday: I'm glad I decided to partake in you last night, even though I'm paying for it this morning. I'm not sure what a Friday morning would be like if I didn't wake up around 5am, chug a bottle of water, and pop a couple Advil. I really, really do not know what I would do with myself if I didn't have a slight hangover all day at work. Hmmm, probably get more work done.

Round 1.
Round 107.
Dear Florence + The Machine: Thank you for making the most amazing music ever. It really helps me get through the work day. Please understand that I will eventually have to put you on the back burner when Mumford and Sons new album comes out in September.

Download this. That is all.

Dear Michael's 2012 Halloween Village: I want you. I need you. I really hope whoever is reading this buys me something from your collection for my birthday. I mean, I really hope so. Like really. No, really.

Let's be friends forever.

Have a good weekend, kittens. I'm going to take a nap under my desk.