{oh snap} Friday's Letters

Dear Google,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The little games you have on your homepage everyday in honor of the Olympics? Make my life. I wish I found them sooner. And by that, I mean, I wish Sam found them sooner, because I didn't find them at all. I think you should continue to do something like that every day, even after the Olympics are over. Which is soon, right? I have no idea. Write back.

Dear Talenti,

I love you but my waistline doesn't. I'd like to thank Jes for introducing you to me. But I'd also like Jes to start paying for my gym membership. And I'd also, also like her to go for me. I've had Carmel Cookie Crunch and next I will be trying Mediterranean Mint. If it's amazing, I might put it in a blender (after I buy one) and turn it into a milkshake. Just warning you ...it could bring all the boys to my yard.

Dear Beirut Tournament That I Got Drunk and Agreed to Have:

It's been a while since Team Nice Rack has played in a tournament...


So I'm really hoping we pull it together and don't have any of that loosey goosey shit going on. If nothing else, I'm just excited to play. And if all goes well, I'll have a more thought out tournament in September. And by thought out, I mean, I will remember I told people about it.

What are you doing this weekend?