My favorite finger. And ring.

 Today this crazy little blog turns one. Insanity, I tell ya. Insanity.

What's that saying? You can do anything you set your mind to? Well, my general life rule is not to set my mind to anything. Having goals is mentally exhausting. But my goal for 2011 was to start a blog, and by August of last year, I did.

It took 8 months...cause I'm lazy like that.

I've met some pretty amazing people, and I'm grateful for anyone who takes time out of their day to read about my ridiculous life. And I do mean ridiculous.

 I also have to thank my IRL friends. It's people like Sam and Mills who hang out with me and help contribute to my crazy stories. They've learned never to touch their food or drinks before I take a picture, and they've allowed me to post some pretty incriminating stuff about them all over Blogland.

So here's to another year of chaos - promise me you'll stick around for it?