Quirks: Food Edition

Yesterday I told you all about my sleeping habits. Today, let's talk about food. If you think I'd be annoying to share a room with, just wait until you hear about my food issues.

I've always been very particular about what I will eat. My mother, that crazy woman, would make me or my brothers a different meal if we didn't like what she was cooking. That is where my problem came from. If she just insisted I ate whatever she made, or go to bed hungry, I wouldn't be so scared of certain foods or to try new things. Also, blaming my mom for shit is fun.

Shay and I were talking about our food issues a few weeks ago. We discovered that we both love olives, and then decided to talk about what we don't love. This is exactly what I emailed her:

I hate mushrooms.
I hate rice pudding.
I hate oatmeal and anything similar to it.
I hate cherry candies/flavoring, but love real cherries.
I hate grape candies/flavoring, but love real grapes.
I hate eggs.
I absolutely fucking hate mayonnaise.
Obviously, I hate egg salad sandwiches.
I hate meatloaf.
I hate the word meatloaf.
I hate the singer Meatloaf.
I hate seafood.
I hate the smell of seafood.
I hate anyone who orders seafood while out to dinner with me, subsequently ruining my meal.
I hate tomatoes, but love sauce and salsa. But not super chunky sauce or salsa.
I love steak sauce & put it on steak (sorry), pork chops (sorry), chicken (not sorry), and turkey (not sorry).
I don't like mustard, but I love the smell of it.
I love to bake, but cannot remember the last time I ate anything I baked. Not because it was gross, but because I enjoy the process of baking more than I enjoy the calories.
I love cannolis, but do not know how to make them. If I did know how to make them, I wouldn't eat them.

That's like...a 1/4 of my food problems.

I also have to mention that I had a serious phobia of melted cheese until I was about 19 or 20. I wouldn't even eat chicken parm. My first grilled cheese sandwich was last year.

But I've always loved pizza, so go figure. However, I didn't eat cold pizza until I was in college, and now I'd rather eat pizza cold, than warm. Same goes for baked ziti and  lasagna. So, maybe I still have a deep rooted issue with warm, melted cheese.

I hate mayo because I brought a mayo and lettuce sandwich (no meat, no nothing) to school for 2 years straight. I ate more mayo during that time period than some people will eat their entire lives. Now, I can't even smell it without wanting to throw up.

Tell me some of your food quirks - I know you have them!