Quirks: Sleep Edition

I have a lot of quirks/OCD issues, I'll admit it.

But they are really a problem when it comes to my sleeping habits. Trust me when I say my OCD is as exhausting and annoying to me, as it is for everyone else around me. This weekend I will be sharing a hotel room with 3 other people. Here's a few things they will be in store for:

1. No TV. I mean it. NO TV. I cannot have any sound when I'm sleeping, or any lights/movement from the TV.

2. I need a fan. Not to keep the room cool (although, that is important too) but for the noise. So, yeah. I just said I can't have any noise, but that's a lie, because I 100% need a fan going. The box fan I have in my bedroom is set at level 2. Level 1 is too quiet and level 3 is too loud. I'm the Goldie Locks of fans.

3. If you're facing the bed, I need to be sleeping on the right side. I fall asleep on my stomach, and I like my face to be facing out...not in, towards the other person.

So those are the things that effect other people. I still have other problems that I deal with, like:

4. No socks. I think it was my father who told me if I wore socks when I was sleeping, my toes would fall off. Clearly just a joke, but as a 5 year old who really liked her piggies to be able to go to the market, I wasn't going to risk losing any of them. In the winter, if I'm really cold, I'll wear socks for about 10 minutes and then kick them off. I'll take a picture once it gets colder, and you can see the collection of socks I have at the foot of my bed by the end of the week.

5. Also, no blankets on my feet. They need to be free. However, I've started to sleep with blankets pulled all the way up to my nose. So, comforter on my body, with my feet out, and a separate blanket, to cover my face. I have lots and lots of blankets I rotate.

6. My biggest issue: I can fall asleep without a problem, but I cannot stay asleep to save my life. I had a bit of a NyQuil addiction before, and I CANNOT BELIEVE they now have ZzzQuil available. Do you understand how badly I want to try that? "Non-habit forming" my ass. I've resisted, but it doesn't help when the ZzzQuil commercial is the only one Bravo plays with their shows On Demand.

As you can see, I have some issues. I have even more when I'm in a hotel room. I don't sleep under the covers, and I bring my own pillow. I'm also up half the night, and I'm ALWAYS thirsty at like 4 or 5 in the morning. So I start walking around the room with the lights off, bumping into shit, trying to find change for the vending machine. It's a real treat.

So, I'm apologizing in advance to the people I'll be sharing a room with this weekend. My advice to them? Get me good and drunk and I'll pass out and stay asleep without any issues. Maybe.

Do you have any sleep quirks?