Straight Out of Compton

Last week, I talked about gang signs and how I thought I used to be so cool. Thankfully, Shay reminded me that I'm white, so there's no more confusion. I'll just smile in pictures from now on. Or not.

Much to my amusement, many of you sent me YOUR gang sign/duck lip photos. I asked everyone to write a little bit about their picture(s). I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

 "That would be the 2007 version of myself on the right. I am so cool."

Michelle from Shell Bell

"So here is me, circa 2006, with my friend. And please note that I'm tossing gang signs IN THE BAND ROOM. My clarinet was probably on my lap. Also, I wasn't high or drunk or anything like that. I know the look on my face says otherwise."

Whitney from As Luck Would Have It

 "This is me going to a club for the first time in my life. My outfit screams naive, and my gangsta signs and the Jonas Brothers poster in the background confirm that cry for help."

"As if the gangsta signs aren't enough, I had to paint my fingernails black and throw on a gangsta bandana. Oh yeah, I'm hardcore. In my defense, I was hiking. Clearly, I was not in my right mind."

Courtney from Courtney Cakes

"I like to call this my 'thug life' stage...throwing the West side up while flipping someone off."

Jazz from Jazz's World

"Here's my cool poses. Yep, Yankees and Bench clothing, and being gangster in a kids park. So bloody cool. Please bare in mind I was like 13/14 in these photos. I am ashamed."

I'd like to thank everyone for sending me these amazing photos! Happy Wednesday!