The dumbest, dumb blonde moment in history.

Canada circa 2006. I used to wear white.

 Last Saturday I was at yet another bocce tournament. I'm seriously considering renting a summer home in Rome, NY. It might be cheaper than all of the hotel stays. But that's not the point of this story.

We were talking about stinky pits. Or that's what I think we were talking about. The afternoon/evening got a little fuzzy. While comparing what we use, this little tid-bit of information was brought to my attention:

There's a difference between deodorant and antiperspirant.

What and who, how?

I'm an educated, almost 26 (eek) year old. I'm no dummy, okay? But this was news to me.

I wear men's deodorant (antiperspirant?). Old Spice, to be exact. The gel-blue kind. It doesn't leave marks on my entire black wardrobe in the summer time. It works real goooood. You should try it. And if you're single, it's kind of like cuddling with a guy 24-7. 

This website breaks down the difference:

Deodorant allows the release of perspiration, but prevents odor by combating it with antiseptic agents, which kill odor-causing bacteria.

Antiperspirants contain fragrance, but they also contain chemical compounds that block the pores to stop the discharge of perspiration.

Okay, let's recap: "discharge of perspiration" is the single most disgusting phrase I have ever heard in my life. Also, who says, "Oh, I'll use deodorant so I won't smell, but odds are I will still get pit stains!"

It was also brought to my attention that most brands these days are both deodorant AND antiperspirants, but I quickly went home (2 days later), checked mine and found out that my Old Spice is strictly deodorant. 

Soooo, I'm one of those people.

I checked the women's brand that I use, and that's both. So I guess that make up for something. I guess.

Am I the only one? Did everyone keep this secret from me on purpose? What do you use?