What time is it?

Google this, bitch.

I've been thinking a lot about time zones lately. It's something that I've never really had to consider because everyone I know and talk to all live in um, well, New York.

But not anymore. Since Blogland has officially taken over my life, and also, my Facebook page. Now I wake up and wonder, "Hmm, it's 8:30am....6:30am for Shay. I wonder if she's up?" or "It's noon here, which makes it 9am for Jes. She's probably going to sleep until at least 11:30am, so I'll text her around 2:30pm."

Or Shannon, who lives in Nebraska. You know what happened to me when I Googled a map of the US and I saw where, exactly, Nebraska is? I got anxiety. I couldn't breathe. I don't know if it's because I've always lived near a coast, or because I always, always need an exit plan, but thinking about living in the middle of the country makes me feel straight up claustrophobic. I immediately thought about what would (will?) happen to Nebraska on December 21, 2012. I'm worried about you, Shannon. I hope you have a bunker.

I never have to worry about Joy, though. Or Michelle. They are always on my time. Always.

Okay, back to time zones. Did you know, some states have different time zones? I did not know this. Are there signs when you cross, like when you enter a new state? Does it say anywhere, "You've officially entered the Eastern Standard Time Zone" with like...a time zone flag, or time zone flower?

I Googled this, too. 13 states have different time zones. Here's a reference page.

People were also pissed off about different time zones when the Olympics where on, since winners were announced before the matches aired here. Or some shit like that. I don't even know. I didn't watch.

FYI: The 2014 Winter Olympics will be in Russia - 12 hours ahead of me in New York. And the 2016 Summer Olympics will be held in Rio - just 1 hour ahead of me. Food for thought, kids, food for thought.

Anyway, this post was just a ramble, but do you ever think about time zone differences? Has it effected your real life or blog life? Just so you know, I turn into a pumpkin at 10pm EST. Ask Shay, she'll tell you.