When did throwing up gang signs become the cool thing to do?

A few weeks ago, Shannon and I were sending ridiculous pictures of our previous selves via email. It was quite entertaining. What I noticed from both her photos and my photos, were all the gang signs.

This prompted me to go through old photos of me and my friends...ready for this?

Oh lord, and the tongue. Gross. Nice tan, though.
Smoking the hookah. Nothing illegal, I swear!
Gang signs in a limo. Doesn't get better than that.
Mills for 2.
So gangster with her 100 calorie pack of Cheetos.
Little limp on my form.

I quickly realized I was guilty of TWO forms of horrible picture antics. Gang signs AND duck lips.
Guys, I don't have big lips. At all. It takes every ounce of my being to get them to look kinda duckish.

We almost look cool. Almost.
This was on my MySpace with the caption, "You must not know about me." Hopefully NO ONE knew about me. That's a band-aid on my pointer finger, probably from a broken acrylic nail.
Willy Wonka. No big deal.

SEND ME YOUR GANG SIGN PHOTOS! I will do a follow-up post with them.