September Hair

Hands down the most important haircut of the year is my birthday haircut. I no longer have a certain age to look forward to (especially since my next "milestone" is 30. Yuck). However, I try to keep my birthday spirits up every year by doing something drastic fun to my hair.

I also like to challenge my mother and ask her to make the most ridiculous birthday cake imaginable. She has been making me birthday cakes in the shape of turtles or pumpkins for the past 5 years. Such a sucker.

SN: I made this cake for Mills this year...

I have this nasty little habit of dying my hair dark around my birthday every few years. Then a month later, I hate it and want my blonde hair back. Here's my last attempt at brown hair, circa 2010...

About two months later, I dyed it even darker. There are no photos of that, thankfully.  Also, that's the fancy camera I have and never use. A birthday gift that year.

I have naturally blonde hair, although you would call me a liar if you saw my roots right now. And I'm always torn with what I should do. My blonde partner-in-crime struggles with the same issue...

Okay, okay, okay I'll get to my point. I have the cut and color picked out...what do you think?

I'll be taking 3ish inches off, having the back filled in with low lights, while keeping the front blonde.
My appointment is next Thursday.

Tell me your hair stories. About the hair on your head only, please.