It will rain.

It sure feels like one.

It has been raining here in NY for the past week straight. I mean There might be an ounce of sunlight that peaks out, but it is quickly covered up by clouds.

I won't lie, I love a good, raniny day. Like last Friday, when I was off of work and I stayed home, made chili, and set up my Halloween village. It was the perfect day to to that. But 7 rainy days in a row? I can't take it.

Jes has talked about how moving to Portland from San Francisco has been tough - especially tough, due to the weather. I understand how she's been feeling. I thought I had another month or two before the seasonal depression kicked in - but it looks like it has already started.


It could be worse, right? This could all be snow. Did you hear that they are going to start naming winter storms, like they name topical storms/hurricanes? I'm full of useless information.

The good thing about not having any energy is that I've been catching up on all of my shows.

Who agrees that the first part of the RHONJ reunion was more exciting than the entire fourth season?
I'm actually loving the new cast of RHOM and can't wait to see that one chick get punched in the face.
Anyone been watching Flipping Out? Amazing Race? Revolution?

I don't know about you, but the one thing that has me VERY excited is that The Walking Dead starts on the 14th. That is hands down one of my favorite shows on television and GASP it's not a reality show.

Until then, I'm going to start tanning. And continue to listen to this...