Let's talk TV, shall we?

Disclaimer: Spoilers from last night's Real Housewives of Miami and The Walking Dead.

You've been warned.

So, a few months ago I claimed I was in a TV rut, and now I have so many shows on that I can't keep track. I've missed the past few weeks of the Amazing Race and Flipping Out, and just barely caught up with Real Housewives of Miami before last night's brawl. On top of that, Real Housewives of Atlanta AND Beverly Hills start soon, along with two other new shows on Bravo.

What would my life be without TV? I shutter to think of it...

Let's start with RHOM, okay? Luckily I was scrolling through my Twitter feed last night and was reminded that there was an extra episode on - the episode I've been waiting to see, since I hate Joanna and wanted to see her get punched in the face. And it was worth the wait!

Jo annoys me for any reasons, but I think the major one is the fact that she's from Poland, yet has a strong Hispanic/Latino accent. I can't tell if she's faking or if she's picked it up from being in Miami. Either way, if she could keep her mouth shut - especially about fur and PETA - that would be great. I can understand being upset that a good friend is wearing fur, but from what I can tell, Marysol is not a good friend.

Or I can understand if her coke head sister was wearing it...we all agree she's on some type of drug, right? Coke? Prescription pills? I don't know, but that girl is clearly messed up.

That's not just from alcohol...

As for the fight between Adriana and Joanna? I would have taken it more seriously if Adriana's nipples weren't hanging out the ENTIRE time. Lots of blurring in the episode last night...


I've been watching Real Housewives of every town/city/state since the beginning and I've yet to see any of the camera men in the shots. Last night's episode was FULL of them. I don't know if it was because there was so much happening at once, or because Bravo didn't bother to really edit it, but it was a hot mess.

As for The Walking Dead - it felt like I was watching a different show. Anyone watch it and feel the same way? I was never a huge fan of Andrea's character, so the fact that this episode was based on her and her mute friend kind of put me to sleep. I understand why they had to introduce everyone in that weirdo community, but not showing the other group at all was annoying.

Now, for my confession...

I 100% had an old man crush on "The Governor" until he went and killed all of the soldiers ...oh, and he had a creepy aquarium full of heads...

I don't know why, okay? Don't judge me!

I'm interested to see what happens with him and how the others will play into it.

Have you watched either of these shows? Tell me your thoughts!