Middle School Was Tuff Stuff

I have to prove to you that despite this picture, I didn't always look so...normal. I definitely had an awkward stage. You can all thank my old friend Kristin for this gem - she put it on Facebook last week.

Tyra Banks once said that she loves it when someone's "natural face" is a frown. Well, that's me. I'm not frowning in the picture - even though I should be because of what I'm wearing. That's just my natural face.

Don't ask what's going on with my hands or my pose. I have no idea. Maybe I thought it was a good OOTD look? I can't be sure. But if you look close enough, I'm rocking that black choker again.

At least I'm not the one wrapped in duct tape?

This picture was taken in Kristin's parent's basement, where all the parties happened in middle school. I'm pretty sure that's where I smoked a cigarette and drank alcohol for the first time. I wasn't the only one...

Oh, and you're welcome for this. You're so very welcome.

Happy Friday!