OOTD Throwback to 2000.

Ohhhh shit.

While this isn't the worst picture of me in the world, we can still discuss why it's embarrassing.

I often tell Jes that I've only been to California once. I was 14, moody, and away from my boyfriend who I just loooooved so much. Plus, I went with just my parents to visit my aunt (who doesn't have children), so I had no one my age to hang out with.

OKAY, the real issue was that 'N Sync was coming to town while I was going to be away and I was puh-issed that I had to miss the concert. Clearly, I'm still struggling with that.

Yes, I'm wearing a fanny pack.
Yes, those are cargo jean shorts.
Yes, I'm wearing glasses and apparently a choker.
Yes, I thought this was appropriate hiking attire.
BUT, so did my aunt, who was old enough to know better.

Oh, I swear I'm wearing a tank top with straps...you just can't see them in the picture.

Can we talk about my hat? That's not a hat - it's a visor. An orange visor, because I went through a phase and had to have ALL orange accessories.

Me, Sam, & her friend Lynlee, who I really thought was going to be Asian. I permanently bruised my tailbone that night.

Yes, even an orange jacket.

Anyway, the hiking picture was taken in Lake Tahoe. I want to punch my 14-year-old self in the face for not appreciating it more because it was such a beautiful place.

I also bought a "Rip Curl" wallet (with Velcro!) and thought I was the shit. That deserves another punch.

Was anyone else as cool as I was when they were 14?