OOTD throwback.

Two OOTD posts? Look at me go!

Left to right: Erin, Sara, me ...Myrtle Beach circa 1995?

(I think) Erin and Sara still read my blog from time to time, so I hope they don't hate me after this.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with links to where our mothers we purchased these fantastic outfits. But I will tell you this - what I'm wearing was one piece. ONE PIECE. And probably from Kmart.

Wait, Erin most definitely has jelly beans on her shirt, and it looks like it says L.L.Bean. Hopefully they still sell those bad boys around Easter time.

And Sara's pants? I'd like to think high waist jeans are back in style. Either way, she rocks em.

Happy weekend everyone! Hopefully you all have Monday off from work!