Stolen from T. Swift's Twitter.

No, this isn't a post about Taylor Swift's new album. I'm sorry to disappoint some of you.

I try to find a reason for everything. That may be hard to believe, since I'm such a Debbie most of the time, but I like to believe that things happen for a reason. That something falls apart, so something better can happen. Everything will work itself out in the end. Right?

Okay, enough bullshit. This post is about my freakin hair.

Last month I went to get my birthday haircut. I was very excited about this. I've mentioned before that my birthday haircut is the most important one of the year, and the one I spend the most time planning. This year, I wanted to take it up a few inches and dye the underneath darker.

Well, that didn't happen. At all. Yes, my hair was shorter when I left, but it was the same color as before. And while I was devastated, I accepted it, because it could have been worse. I could've hated the color.

And now back to all of that bull-ish. And the title of this post.

Maybe, just maybe, the hair Gods didn't give me what I wanted because...

...I kinda, sorta, little bit, want red hair. Not 100% sure, but I've been considering it.

Like this:

Now, I have to be hair was accidentally dyed red before and I about died. I went to a new place, asked for a dark shade of brown, and ended up with red. Not a good red though...just gross.

Not sure if I'll ever do it, but the seed of thought (is that a thing? it is now) has been planted. Does anyone know of a site where you can upload your picture and try different hairstyles/colors? Let me know.

And while I ponder this, I might have to download some T. Swift songs. Any recommendations off of her new country pop auto-tuned album?