RHONJ Recap: Season 4.

I know I said I was going to recap all the episodes of RHONJ this season, but none of them seemed worth the effort. Am I right? Did I somehow end up watching a different show? I don't understand how it could go from amazeballs (last season) to the best way to help me fall asleep every Sunday night.

I will do a little recap of my thoughts about the reunion, and what I hope happens in the future.

Why, Kathy Wakile, why? Her poor face! Just in case her bug eyes weren't enough, she "fixed" her nose and got lip injections?

I read an article about why she had her nose done, and she said with age, came gravity, and her nose drooped.

Um, don't your boobs droop, not your nose? Or do I have this all wrong?

As for the drama in her life?  ::yawnnn::

I am so fucking sick of the Manzos, and not just Lauren for once. Caroline was annoying as hell on the reunion, and seemed to spend more time talking to Jacqueline like she was a 10 year old, than actually contributing to any conversation.

And Lauren. Oh, Lauren. I hope Daddy can buy you a new personality to go along with your new figure.

Speaking of Jacqueline, it's stunts like this that make me no longer like her.

Yes, I feel bad that her son was diagnosed with Autism. I also feel bad that she seems to have the mentally of a teenage girl. Where else have we seen this before?

Oh, that's right, with Ashlee! Now it all makes sense. Like mother, like daughter.

As for her drama with Teresa, I'm over it. What about you?

Are we still fighting about Teresa talking to the tabloids about her problems, instead of talking to her friends?

Maybe if Jacqueline paid Teresa $10,000 for her woes, they would still be friends.

Can we just get over it, please?

Eh. That's exactly how I feel about Melissa being a stripper. So what if she was? Turns out, her husband was, so is it really that big of a deal?

I can understand being pissed that your sister-in-law is constantly trying to bring you down, but at some point, you just have to stop caring and start ignoring.

Which is why I applaud Melissa's decision to sell the house and move.

Tre, sit your ass down.

She's the poster child of someone letting fame go straight to their head.

It's a shame that her family is so divided, but she really has no one to blame except for herself. Hopefully, she'll take a step back and realize what she's doing to the people around her.

Probably not. Since not talking to her brother in over a year doesn't seem to upset her too much.

I think if Teresa has any hope for a different life, she has to get rid of Joe. He's toxic, and he's clearly a bad influence on her when it comes to her family.

I fully believe that Joe has been unfaithful. He's not happy. Teresa is fooling herself if she thinks she's happy.

Or maybe, if he does go to jail, Teresa can spend time alone and realize she's better off without him.

This used to be my favorite cast. I lived for every episode, and I couldn't wait to hear more of the story. I think part of what went wrong with this season is how it was filmed. All of this drama happened over a year ago, and no longer seems relevant to what is happening now. I follow most of them on Twitter, and find that more interesting than anything that happened on the show this season.

I think Bravo has to make a similar decision like they did with the cast of New York. Cut half of them loose, and bring on some new faces. Although, I did read that all of these ladies are signed up for season five, with the addition of one or two new people. Maybe that will help. Maybe not.

At the end of the day, I only know one thing - someone, anyone, please get me Chris Laurita's number.

What did you think of the season? The reunion?