Another Monday.

I have to work today, do you? Well, I hope you do. If not, I hate you. Mondays are the worst, and with the kraken slowly showing its face, I know today will be no exception.

Let's talk about the one and only thing that makes Sunday a good day - and no, not football. I'm super embarrassed to be a Giants fan after their performance - or lack there of - yesterday.

I'm talking about The Walking Dead. Warning you now that there are some spoilers if you did not watch last night's episode.

Better days...
1. I'm so sick of the Governor and that weirdo town of his. What's with people keeping their family members hanging around after they turned into zombies? Let. It. Go. Carl shot Lori in the head so she wouldn't turn into a walker. If he can do that, anyone can.

2. Andrea is uhhhh-noying. I'm sure she's regretting her decision to stay behind after witnessing that zombie cage fight, but let's not forget the most important thing here - who cares about Andrea?

3. A beaver. That's what I guessed was rummaging through the abandoned daycare when Maggie and Daryl went to find formula for the baby. Chris thought I was crazy, but it turns out I want pretty damn close; it was a possum.

4. Speaking of that baby, they should probably name it Shaina or something because we ALL know that's Shane's baby. Think Maury turned into a zombie? I wish there were post apocalypse baby daddy drama on daytime TV, but we'll just have to settle for watching Rick slowly lose his mind instead.

5. Oh, poor Rick. He needs a shower. I just really hope they start next week's episode with him answering the phone, and someone on the other line saying, "Seven days." Please, oh please.

Tell me your thoughts! And if you don't watch this show, I don't even know you.