Force of Nature.

This weekend I am headed to Syracuse to hang out with my best friend, Sam. She moved away in August, and I still hate her for it.

I'm excited, though. Really excited. Because it's No Shame November, and it was this weekend last year that Sam and I headed out to Syracuse to visit my cousin, Hilary, who goes to law school there. This was before Sam moved. This was before I wanted to punch her in the face for moving. You following me?

Last year we stopped at some random place on the way home and got Chicken Riggies with a side of The Shiggles. But this was way before Sam ditched me, okay? Keep up.

Sam and I have been called a, "Force of Nature" before. We're rough to be around. Sometimes we annoy ourselves. But after 8 years of friendship, I guess that's what happens. Half the time, we don't even need to say anything to know what the other person is thinking.

See? Try hanging out with us.  It's annoying.  Oh, and for the 1,859,034 time - we are not lesbians.

Well, I'm not. She loves Selena Gomez. Or maybe she secretly wants to be her?
If she's Selena, I guess that makes me Taylor Swift?

Because Selena has dark hair, and Sam has dark hair.
Taylor has blonde hair, and I have blonde hair.
Selena is short, and Sam is short.
Taylor is tall, and I am tall.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is...does that mean we've hung out with J. Biebs?

Yes, yes we have.

Have a great weekend, everyone! We're planning on doing a dialectic vlog so stay tuned.