Say what?

I find stuff like this very interesting, so excuuuuuse me if I bore you.

I love the different terms people have for the same things. I've always known that even though England and Australia are English speaking countries,  if I were to visit either place tomorrow, I would have a hard time understanding all of the slang terms.

And I also understood that depending on which part of those countries you live in, you used different terms to decribed the same items.

Fact: I used to "study" Australian slang when I was in middle school, in love with Silverchair, and SO desperately wanted to go there on vacation. I even found some "pen pal" named Ben from Sydney. Granted, he was probably a creepy old man from Oklahoma or something, but I think I talked to him online twice and thought it was the coolest thing ever. No need for Chris Hansen to intervene.

What I'm getting at is this - the more and more I talk to people from all parts of the country, the more I'm realizing how different our own terms are here in the states.

For example, and this is my favorite, I love anyone who uses the word "pop" it. I call it soda. I've also found out that some people say "coke" but they are not necessarily referring to Coca-Cola.

Another thing I always say is "market" when referring to the grocery store. I'm not sure if that's because my mom has always called it the market, or if it's more of what people in this area call it.

There's the obviously one - y'all. No one says that up here in New York, unless they are a transplant, or are saying it in a fake southern accent. Typically we just say "you guys" when referring to a large group.

What are some of the terms you've learned since blogging? Or even if you've lived in different parts of the country? I would love to hear them...

Also, I love when people say the same word differently - but I think I'd have to do a vlog about that.

What? A vlog? Maybe someday.