'tis the season for floral dresses...

Even though it is only the beginning of November, Christmas seems to be the only thing on people's minds. Or maybe that's just because I talk to Michelle for hours each day.

Either way, there's nothing like a fancy Christmas dress when you're a kid, am I right? Since I'm the only girl in my family, my mom always put me in the most ridiculous dresses, especially on holidays. I rebelled in middle school by wearing boys clothing. I will post some pictures.

Me and my cousin, Hilary.
Christmas 1992? 1993?
Our mothers are sisters, so that explains a lot.

First and foremost, I'd like to give a shout out to Lindy D for getting me what seems to be a Native American doll. Such a forward thinker, that one.

But whatever points she earned by NOT getting me the American Girl Doll that I SO BADLY wanted, she lost because she apparently bought me an apron to play dress up in.

Way to make sure I knew my place in life so early on, Mom.

I want to focus on Hilary's hair for a moment. At the age of 5, her hair was longer than my hair has ever been in my 26 years on this planet. She's on my list of people that I would scalp.

One last thing...the poster that's on the wall behind us? It's of 5 or 6 baby kittens.
Another thing my parents never got for me.
Which might explain why I'm a cat hoarder now.

Happy Friday, everyone!