You can't see me.

While I'm still unhappy with my current work situation, there is one thing I'm beginning to love and it occurs Monday through Friday at roughly 12:45 EST. During this time period, I like to sit in my car and play a little game called, "I'm invisible."

How do you play? Simple.

If anyone walks by while you're in your car, just pretend like you're invisible. If the really nice volunteer, who you actually like, walks by your car? Keep your head down and think, "She can't see me."

It's great...let me tell you, it's great.

What I'm getting at here is that I've started to eat lunch in my car. I work in a sketchy neighborhood, so even though there is a park a few blocks away, I don't feel safe going there. There was a time that I used to take an actual lunch break with my former co-worker whom I loved. What? A co-worker you honestly like? I know, I know. They are few and far between, and trust me when I say, I miss her every single day.

At first I parked my car so I was facing the building next to my office, but now I just walk the five feet from our side steps, get into my car, and sit there. With a blanket and usually my phone in had, I spend an hour in peace. A special thank you to Michelle for inspiring me to do this.

Anyone else do it? Should we all plan our breaks accordingly and have car parties via text and Twitter?