My Christmas Past...

This post was supposed to be full of pictures. I was going to show you what it was like for me on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day growing up. I know all the pictures I was going to use, but for some reason, I never made it over to my parent's house to get them. And guys, my parents live next door to me.

The reason? I'm behind. I'm behind on a lot of things, but mostly, my Christmas shopping. This year my brothers/sister-in-laws and myself decided that we are not going to exchange gifts. We thought it would be best to buy only for our significant others, our parents, and our nephew - you know, the Nugget.

So that should make this whole shopping thing easier, right? Wrong. I was shopping yesterday on my lunch break, and again last night after work. I'm going out again when I'm done with work today.

Enough bitching. Because when I was rummaging around in my plastic bags, and peeing my pants, I did come across two pictures; one from Christmas Eve and one from Christmas Day. They will just have to work for now. Or until next year, when maybe I'll have my shit together.

Christmas Eve with my cousins, Hilary and Katelyn, when we still had it at my grandmother's house. They may or may not kill me for posting this picture, but if I take a picture of the 3 of us this year, hopefully I can make up for it.

Christmas morning with Lindy when I was a wee babe. In her defense, she must have just showered -she didn't wear her hair slicked back like that. Actually, it was quite puffy when it was dry.

In my defense...well, I have no defense for that outfit, or those pink curlers.

Oh, and here's one more that I have saved on my phone:

My two creepy baby dolls, Tessa and Josh. I named them after my best friends in kindergarten. Funny, I still have those dolls, but not those friends.

I suck. I know it. But go check out Michelle's pictures, because she's a better blogger than I am!