You've Got Mail...

Last night I got home around 8 o'clock and I was in quite the mood. I was out Christmas shopping (again) and I was sick of having to deal with stupid people in line arguing over A DOLLAR. Anyway, I was extremely pissy until I stumbled upon a package outside of the side door.

I quickly cheered up when I realized it was my Secret Santa gift from the Epic Gift Exchange, and then I almost peed my pants (again) with excitement when I realized it was from Whitney!

The before picture.

And the after.

Each item had a little note attached to it, and I about DIED when I opened up the first package and found Aaron Rodgers chapstick! This is the closest he will ever be to my lips, and I wish cherish every ounce of those babies!

The next package I opened was a bag of Blow Pops - but not just any old ordinary bag. She had secretly removed all of the gross cherry and grape ones, and filled this bag with my two favorites - watermelon and sour apple.

Whitney and I had a serious discussion about Blow Pops a few weeks ago, and we discoverd that we are opposites - which really works out to our advantage. We could share a bag, and never fight over the same flavor. Amazing.

The last package contained quiet possibly the greatest sweatshirt of all time....

That was a 16oz can...glad to see it fit nicely.
And the best part? She MADE it.

Whitney, thank you SO much. I couldn't have asked for better gifts.

Now, excuse me while I go have some QT with my chapstick...