I survived this weekend, the wedding, and the hooker heels. I will talk more about that in another post, because today I obviously want to talk about the season premiere of Girls. I don't know why, but yesterday seemed like the longest day of my life. So long, in fact, that by the time it was finally 9pm, I was fighting to keep my eyes open.
Here we go...
I know I'm not alone when I say this, but isn't Adam the creepiest person in the entire world? Sometimes I have a hard time watching scenes with him because he's scary to look at. Since Hannah has put him on the back burner, he seems to want her more than ever. Isn't that how it always works? But now she has Sandy - and kind of Elijah? Not really, though. I wouldn't want my gay ex-boyfriend/roommate spooning me.
I struggle with liking her character, and disliking her character. I can relate to her on some levels (like last season when she said being inside of her head is exhausting - I get that) but the whole Elijah thing? Is she that desperate for a man? Apparently...since she's willing to go over to Charlie's apartment to just sleep nice to him. I hope her character loosens up a bit ...or at least keeps singing karaoke. She reminded me how much I love, "Building a Mystery."
Any scene with Shoshanna in it is my favorite. I loved her Cinderella-esque outfit. I love that she sent Ray text messages using only emjois. I love that she removed him from her Facebook page. I'm rooting for them as a couple, despite their awkward start to this season.
She only had a few minutes of screen time, since her and Thomas-John were returning from their honeymoon, but she seemed happier than ever. Does anyone else agree that their relationship is going to fail? Maybe it's because I'm a calculated risk taker, but I could never jump into a marriage like that. Judging from the previews, she punches someone in the face (probably him) so it will be interesting to see how their relationship works...or doesn't work.
Other than that, I was annoyed by Charlie's girlfriend, highly entertained by Elijah's boyfriend, and super annoyed by Marnie's mother.
Tell me your thoughts! Oh, and let's all hate on Jes for a minute - the new episode showed up on her HBO OnDemand HOURS before the premiere!