I hate grown ups.

Hopefully, we've all been told since we were young to be the bigger person, to take the high road, to kill 'em with kindness ...or any other combination thereof.

Hopefully, some of us listened to that advice.

I've been told that I am mature for my age, and I'm still trying to figure out if that's a blessing or a curse. Because you know what happens when you're an adult? You aren't held accountable for your actions.

I'm not saying that if you shoot someone, or hit someone with your car, you aren't going to be held accountable. I'm saying if you act out in an unnecessary way, you don't get put in time out. You don't hear, "You're going straight to bed after dinner. Don't even ask if you can watch TV."

Nothing is worse than someone saying, "Oh so-and-so is (insert terrible personality trait here) but that's just how he/she is, ya know?" Being a flake...being immature, rude, snotty, is not okay. And it's certainly not okay when someone is let off the hook because "that's just how they are." But how do you hold another adult accountable for their actions without sounding holier than thou?

Or like a complete bitch.

I'm guilty of letting people off the hook. I'm guilty of inadvertently being a bad friend, sister, girlfriend, daughter, etc. because I'd rather be the bigger person, and avoid an argument. But you know where that lands me? Really, really pissed off. Really pissed off that I didn't say how I felt.

Or, I say how I really feel and get shit on anyway.

Listen, I'm far from perfect, and I have my moments, for sure. Sometimes I can't control myself (ahem, PMS/kraken/ovulation) but other times, I can control myself and I choose not to.

I'm lucky I have Sam as a best friend, someone who I can talk to without judgement. I'm lucky I've met bloggers, like Kayla, who feel the same way. Kayla wrote this two days ago:

"I've come to the verdict that there are just some people who will never fully enter adulthood, who will never entirely leave high school and the drama behind. And that's sad, that's a terrible life to live. Not only is it draining, it's a depressing and sad existance, I feel for them."

I feel for them, too.

What's better than leaving a room full of people and knowing that none of them are talking smack about you behind your back? Nothing. What's better than telling someone why you are upset and knowing that they genuinely care about how you're feeling, and want to help? Nothing.

I have no idea how to end this post ...which is part of the reason why it has taken me so long to publish it. I don't have any answers. I just know that most of the time...I hate grown ups.