My head hurts.

Hey guys! It's Monday here on Graceless Lady, and you know what that meanssss...

UGH. Help me. I need a Grace Helbig 12 step program. I can't stop quoting her. I can't stop saying, "Byeeeeeeeee!" I can't stop Grace facin'...

This past weekend I packed up my bags and headed out to Syracuse to visit that best friend of mine. I typically go out there for bocce tournaments, but not this time. We spent the weekend eating good food (at Wegmans!), drinking (too many) beers, and shopping (for hooker heels).

Bulk candy at Wegmans. I promise I had lunch first.

Too many beers.

Hooker heels for a wedding.

We planned on doing a vlog, but that didn't happen. We planned on doing the cinnamon challenge, but that didn't happen. I planned on documenting my Wegmans trip, and that kind of happened.

Today I'm back at work with a massive headache, and lots of sinus pressure. Yay me! But that's okay because I came to terms with something over the weekend that has been bothering me lately. I've been stressing, and I've finally decided that I'm a Packers fan.


I feel at peace with this decision. I wish I could say that about other things in my life, but that's okay.

Happy Monday, kids. Here's to another week...