My new favorite facial expression.

I'm annoyed that no matter what I do, I still have dry skin on my face. I can't win.

I'm annoyed that I can't see up close with my glasses on, but I can't see away with them off.

I'm annoyed at Moosh the Douche for peeing on the bathroom floor two days ago.

I'm annoyed that I keep forgetting to bring a box of tissues into work for my office.

I'm annoyed that my nose is always running, therefore making the fact that I keep forgetting to get tissues even more annoying.

I'm annoyed that my hair, clothes, etc. are always staticy.

I'm annoyed that tonight is the season finale of Buckwild.

I'm annoyed at myself for loving Buckwild SO MUCH.

I'm annoyed that today is not Friday.

What's annoying you?