I have to be honest...I didn't really win an iPad mini. All that talk about some basketball/baseball raffle? Lies. I don't even know other people in this office building, let alone donate to their child's team.

But oh boy...oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Sorry I'm such a jerk.

I never expected anyone to believe me. I thought you would read the first few "how to enter" criteria, and then laugh and realize I was kidding when I asked you to follow me around for a day. Or when I said you need to figure out what happened to Amelia Earhart and report back.

Or the cancer thing. I mean, if any of you cure cancer, you deserve so much more than an iPad mini. 

I didn't do this to gain followers - although I do believe some people have giveaways because it's an easy way to see your numbers increase. Not all people - but some. Actually, if you followed me on anything - GFC, Twitter, Instagram - because of the post, feel free to unfollow me. I won't be mad.

If you've ever noticed my side bar, it says, "Be a reader, not a follower" and I truly believe that. How many bloggers have 1000+ followers, but have more than 30 comments on their (non-giveaway) posts? Not many.

I've done one legitimate giveaway on this blog, and I will never do another one. The reason why? I hate going to the post office - haaaaaate it. I'm not against anyone else having a giveaway on their blog, so please, no hate mail.


I suck it up and go to the post office for some people. And you know how they became those people to me? By reading, commenting, and interacting with me - not by just following! So, I encourage everyone to participate, and stop hiding. Who knows? Maybe someday we'll be friends and I'll send you something, too.

Probably not an iPad mini, though.

Sorry about that.