Oh, bloody hell...

It was brought to my attention a while back that me and a few of my counterparts are known as, "Oh, those girls who write about their periods..." Excuse me, but I think you meant to say...

...because we are. Thanks.

But I didn't feel so classy the other day when my period decided to make an encore presentation while I was at work, sans tampon. I think we've all been elbows deep in our purses trying to find a tampon when we need it most - the fear of not having one makes me sweat like nothing else.

I vaguely remembered there being one of those pad/tampon machines in the women's bathroom, so I quickly switched up my search and started digging for change instead.

Let me be clear - the last thing I want to do is walk around my office with a tampon in my hand, let alone have to purchase one from bathroom, where anyone could walk in and see me. As I said on Michelle's post, I will walk around Target with my tamps as if they are a trophy, but I would rather eat one than have anyone in the office see me carrying it.

I hustled to the bathroom as fast as I could considering the circumstances, found myself face to face with that God awful wall machine, and whispered, "Here goes nothing..." before I put the quarter in and hoped that a tampon would soon appear.

It worked. And I was all:

I have no idea how much it costs to use a pay phone these days, but ladies, have no fear - you can still purchase a lovely tampon with a cardboard applicator for 25 cents.

And by "cardboard" I mean "pinchy" ...those suckers hurt.

Have you ever been up shit a bloody creek without a paddle tampon?

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